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Workout Update – Life’s Obligations

It has been quiet around here lately and that means life is in full swing.  So a few quick updates from my realm of the triathlon universe: Shoulders and neck continue to be sore.  A few weeks back, moving furniture … Continue reading

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A Very Long Swim Workout

Another first.  My first group swim workout.  It kicked my ass, but in an absolutely wonderful way. The Surprise Arriving at the pool with the group, I was shocked, the pool was huge!   Up until this point, my swim workouts … Continue reading

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Building a Triathlon Training Dashboard

A number of posts back, I talked about the creation of a triathlon training dashboard that would help me track my workouts and training status. I viewed the creation of this dashboard as an essential part of my training, after … Continue reading

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The Pyramid That Was Meant To Be

This was my second workout back at the gym after a few week hiatus. There was something new in store, but before we get to that, I must mention that this workout was in jeopardy of not happening. Being just … Continue reading

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Pace Strategy: A Saturday Run Workout Example

A quick look at why pace strategy is important during any endurance event. This is illustrated with a training chart showing the split times of a recent run workout. Continue reading

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