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Tips for Ocean Swimming

Swimming in the ocean is a really difficult thing for a lot of people.  As a triathlete, it is my least favorite sport to do and something I’ve struggled with for many years. Fear of death, discomfort in cold water, … Continue reading

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Running in the Oven

Summer is here!  Today, Santa Barbara is having the perfect Fourth of July weekend weather with brilliant sunshine, perfect 74 degree temperature and access to parks, waterfront and shopping. As I was reminded during this morning’s run, running in warmer … Continue reading

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When the Dork Run Becomes a Short Run

My last post, When Something Is Wrong, discussed the circumstances around a less than enjoyable endurance run that I have come to nickname the dork run for its awkward pace. In that post, my weekend activities created a chemical imbalance … Continue reading

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Triathlon Training Dashboard: Chart One

As an analyst, numbers fascinate me.  After two years of triathlon training, I feel great!  I feel even better when I see my fitness improvements on a chart. This is the one of the reasons why I wanted to create … Continue reading

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The Power of Rest

Could you imagine that you are making yourself more powerful by not doing anything?  It seems strange, but it is so true. As we continue to train and stress our bodies, we damage muscle and deplete our energy stores.  Keep … Continue reading

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