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Pace Strategy: A Saturday Run Workout Example

A quick look at why pace strategy is important during any endurance event. This is illustrated with a training chart showing the split times of a recent run workout. Continue reading

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Invest in Winter Training

Yeah, winter training is hard.  Its cold, dark, wet, and miserable outside.  Our daylight hours are reduced, making it difficult to be safe and get workouts in before and after work.  We have to buy expensive winter gear to stay … Continue reading

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The Inner Tiger Needs to Get Out

If there is any more satisfying indication of my life change over the past three years, it is this: “Suffering from a sprained ankle which is keeping my training to a minimum, the voice in the back of my mind … Continue reading

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Running up Jesusita & Swimming in Lightning

Trail running is a heck a lot of fun.  Swimming in the pool, gracefully gliding through the water, is very sublime.  As a triathlete, one of the best parts of my training is the variety of workouts I endure.  In … Continue reading

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Recovering from Distractions

Life isn’t always as convenient and fun as a walk through the woods to the creek for a picnic.   If it was, people probably wouldn’t be obese, depressed, and unemployed.  Instead, life is a lot like a box of chocolates … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields Triathlon: Hell, Heaven & Fun

Don’t let the title fool you, the Strawberry Fields Triathlon is one of the best run events I’ve had the honor of participating in in my triathlon career.  Race maps were accurate, volunteers were extremely helpful, transition area was marked … Continue reading

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2010 Ventura Triathlon Sprint… Done!

After an early start this morning and pushing my body to new limits, I completed the 12th Annual Ventura Breathe of Life Triathlon sprint in 1:37:47.   I placed 270 (of 363) overall and 20 of 24 in my age group … Continue reading

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