Vote: Which Route Should Aric Run?

With my impending 8-mile endurance run coming up tomorrow, I thought I would allow the world to vote on which route I should run.  All routes are roughly 8 miles in length and all have flat and hilly areas to them.  If you are familiar with the greater Santa Barbara/Goleta area, you will have better insight into these routes.  If not, just vote randomly.

This poll will remain open up until 5 minutes prior to Aric’s departure for the workout, which will be sometime Dec 27th morning (PST).

POLL IS NOW CLOSED.  Thank you to all who voted!   Looks like the winner was the Airport/UCSB route.  If you are in that area, look out for a slow moving runner. 😉

The Hollister/Cathedral Oaks Route linky.

The Airport/UCSB Route linky.

The Mission/Upper State linky (with gnarly hill!)

The Waterfront/Mesa Route linky.

Looks like the Airport/UCSB route is winning…

Thank you very much! I will post the run workout results shortly after I recover!