New Video – Kicking Off a New Chapter

After spilling the beans on my life over that last number of years, let’s reboot Aric In Training and start a new chapter of my life journey.

A New Video, A New Chapter

The 10-min video below is from the heart, candid, and the first step to getting back into the swing of life.  Please subscribe, like, and/or comment on my YouTube channel, Aric In Training.


The Latest in Triathlon Transition Gear

Transition times in a triathlon, while short, can really hinder a triathlete’s mindset.  The switch from swim to bike and bike to run is really what triathlons are all about.

For my first five triathlons, I used a small backpack, a yoga mat and a canvas bag to carry around my stuff.  Maybe I over pack, but the reality is that setting up the transition area is never easy.  Seems like nothing has a home.

Well, after meeting Dominique Aris, Founder & Creative Director of Gyst Concept, at the Ventura Triathlon, my stuff has a home.  After spending the today packing and practicing transitions with the “Backpack 1-10“, I am blown away by the revolutionary design of this bag.

You literally pack the bag, unfold it, and go.  Easy as 1-2-3! Check out my video below for a personal walk through of this triathlon experience changing gear:

For more information on the Backpack 1-10 and other models, please visit the Gyst Concept store.

Cycling: Watch Out For Anything!

For a split moment, while watching the Tour de France, I momentarily thought the TV had switched to the Animal planet.  Running out in front of the peloton was a dog…  a dog that probably regrets trying to cross the street. Check out the action below:

After watching this, I should ask dog owners to make sure their dog is leashed when attending any sports event, for the safety of the dog and the cyclists.

While we are on the subject of Tour de France crashes, check out the second crash in the following video that brings the peloton to a stop! With the narrow roads and so many cyclists riding so close together, the worst can happen.  Luckily no one seriously hurt.

And seriously, if you don’t think dogs, or even cameramen are problems for cyclist, watch this next video.   It amazes me how many dogs there are roaming the streets of Europe.

Cheers!  Enjoy the dramatic footage and keep your eyes open while on the road.  As Mark Cavendish says, “It’s just life.”

Fuel: Triathlon Tuna Sandwich

Aric In Training Makes a Tri Tuna SandwichA first here on AricInTraining, a cooking demo.  On the eve of my first triathlon for 2010, tradition requires that I produced an inspirational video, so I decided to take this opportunity to share my Triathlon Tuna Sandwich (TTS).

TTS is very simple and healthy sandwich I came up with the night before the 2009 Ventura Triathlon.  After being inspired by a simple can of tuna and a bell pepper, the TTS came to life.  You know, it worked!

TTS has:

1) Great source of low-fat protein

2) pro-biotics from the yogurt that helps settle my nervous stomach

3) The sprouted grain bread provides a great source of low-GCI carbs for long lasting fuel

4) the bell pepper and onion add the vegetable component.

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