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Tools – various things that help you train, reach your goals, etc. These include heart rate monitors, training software, to a simple notebook for tracking progress.

Building a Triathlon Training Dashboard

A number of posts back, I talked about the creation of a triathlon training dashboard that would help me track my workouts and training status. I viewed the creation of this dashboard as an essential part of my training, after … Continue reading

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Some Inspiration: Apolo and a Warrior

As an avid reader, I find a lot of my inspiration in quotes from books. This post explores two powerful quotes that are inspirational for triathlon training. One from Apolo Ohno and another from the field of zen. Continue reading

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Running up Jesusita & Swimming in Lightning

Trail running is a heck a lot of fun.  Swimming in the pool, gracefully gliding through the water, is very sublime.  As a triathlete, one of the best parts of my training is the variety of workouts I endure.  In … Continue reading

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How the Attitude Makes the Race

Attitude.  Some people have it, others don’t. Some have a great attitude and others have an attitude in the ditch.  In fact we have it all the time and the attitude we live our daily lives with often dictates our … Continue reading

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The Latest in Triathlon Transition Gear

Transition times in a triathlon, while short, can really hinder a triathlete’s mindset.  The switch from swim to bike and bike to run is really what triathlons are all about. For my first five triathlons, I used a small backpack, … Continue reading

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Ventura Triathlon 2010 PreRace Jitters!

The 2010 Ventura Breathe for Life Triathlon starts tomorrow morning at 7:15am with the first wave of the Olympic triathletes starting their journey in 2010’s event.   My journey is that of a Sprint triathlete, so I start with wave 8, … Continue reading

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Swimming From the Hip

I think there is a myth out there about swimming and where the power comes from.  I see so many people at the gym and at the beach doing circles with their arms using upper body power strokes to push … Continue reading

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