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Nutrition – everything to do with food and the body. Nutrition is what gives you the fuel to perform.

Recovering from Distractions

Life isn’t always as convenient and fun as a walk through the woods to the creek for a picnic.   If it was, people probably wouldn’t be obese, depressed, and unemployed.  Instead, life is a lot like a box of chocolates … Continue reading

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My Fifth Triathlon Is A Week Away!

I set the goal of finishing my first triathlon for two reasons:  1) to prove to myself that I can do something that I never thought I could do, and 2) to get myself to lose weight and get in … Continue reading

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Eating to Entertain Oneself

Eating is an activity that can be used to fill time.  In fact, when eating goes beyond basic survival one must step back and take a hard look at the role of food in their life. Eating to Fulfill In … Continue reading

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When the Dork Run Becomes a Short Run

My last post, When Something Is Wrong, discussed the circumstances around a less than enjoyable endurance run that I have come to nickname the dork run for its awkward pace. In that post, my weekend activities created a chemical imbalance … Continue reading

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When Something Is Wrong: Training with Metrics

You know when something goes wrong and you can’t quite put your finger on it, what do you do?  In my case, I develop a bad attitude and fixate on little things that really don’t matter too much.  Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Halloween, Candy, and Depression

I think we all look forward to Halloween because it is not only a great time to dress up and have fun with friends, but the perfect opportunity to let the diet slip a little and have some candy. I … Continue reading

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The Power of Rest

Could you imagine that you are making yourself more powerful by not doing anything?  It seems strange, but it is so true. As we continue to train and stress our bodies, we damage muscle and deplete our energy stores.  Keep … Continue reading

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