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Nutrition – everything to do with food and the body. Nutrition is what gives you the fuel to perform.

How My Busy Afternoon Screwed a Great Workout

There are afternoons that just fly by like like the clock has had too many grande red-eyes from Starbucks.  It is that situation where you start working on something at 1pm and then suddenly realize that it is already 4pm … Continue reading

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Recovering from Distractions

Life isn’t always as convenient and fun as a walk through the woods to the creek for a picnic.   If it was, people probably wouldn’t be obese, depressed, and unemployed.  Instead, life is a lot like a box of chocolates … Continue reading

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My Fifth Triathlon Is A Week Away!

I set the goal of finishing my first triathlon for two reasons:  1) to prove to myself that I can do something that I never thought I could do, and 2) to get myself to lose weight and get in … Continue reading

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Eating to Entertain Oneself

Eating is an activity that can be used to fill time.  In fact, when eating goes beyond basic survival one must step back and take a hard look at the role of food in their life. Eating to Fulfill In … Continue reading

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When the Dork Run Becomes a Short Run

My last post, When Something Is Wrong, discussed the circumstances around a less than enjoyable endurance run that I have come to nickname the dork run for its awkward pace. In that post, my weekend activities created a chemical imbalance … Continue reading

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When Something Is Wrong: Training with Metrics

You know when something goes wrong and you can’t quite put your finger on it, what do you do?  In my case, I develop a bad attitude and fixate on little things that really don’t matter too much.  Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Halloween, Candy, and Depression

I think we all look forward to Halloween because it is not only a great time to dress up and have fun with friends, but the perfect opportunity to let the diet slip a little and have some candy. I … Continue reading

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