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My Day of Enlightenment

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you snippets of some of the more memorable moments during my 18 month journey from office potato to triathlete.   These snippets aren’t currently included in the AricInTraining archives and more dear … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Memories Jack!

Sadly, Jack LaLanne passed away recently at the age of 96.  Jack was the symbol of eating right, exercising and living an active, happy life. Please observe a moment of silence to reflect on his wonderful life and everything he … Continue reading

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Putting Ironman in Perspective

I want to be an Ironman. Over the past three years, I transformed myself from a cubicle dwelling office potato to a sprint triathlete.  After finishing my first practice triathlon three weeks before my first real competitive event, I knew … Continue reading

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Mapping 2010 Workouts

One of the cool things about using a GPS enabled heart rate monitor, such as the Garmin 305, is that you can easily map your workouts.  Not only does this provide you with pace, distance, and elevation data, but it … Continue reading

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The Inner Tiger Needs to Get Out

If there is any more satisfying indication of my life change over the past three years, it is this: “Suffering from a sprained ankle which is keeping my training to a minimum, the voice in the back of my mind … Continue reading

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Keep Moving Toward Those Goals

Every workout is a step toward the ultimate goal.  My ultimate goal is to be an Ironman.  It won’t happen tomorrow and it won’t happen next year, but I will be an Ironman. As I shake the last bit of … Continue reading

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The 2010 Carpinteria Triathlon and Beyond…

The 2010 Carpinteria Triathlon Sprint starts tomorrow morning at 8:13am.  This is my 8th triathlon and my last planned triathlon of the 2010 season.  It seems like a sudden and unexpected end to my 2010 triathlon season journey. Expect the … Continue reading

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