Book & Resource List

This page is a listing of books that everyone can reference.  I read them during my saga from couch potato to triathlete.  Books are listed by subject.

General Fitness & Training

1) Faster Better Stronger – Eric Heiden, M.D.
How to train properly after identifying your physical ability.  Includes tests you can conduct at home and offers numerous training plans based on those results.  Also discusses nutrition.
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2) How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy – Paul Chek
This is a pretty die-hard book, but covers all facets of fitness.  From eating habits to exercises to analyzing your feces, Paul Chek leaves nothing behind.  While most might find discontinuing use of the microwave a bit extreme, the questionnaires and other tips he offers can be quite beneficial.  Read this book and decide how far you want to go after taking the questionnaires. You will not be sorry!
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1) Food for Fitness – Michael Carmichael
Lance Armstrong’s nutritionist discusses the ins and outs of nutrition.  The use of periodization and fueling the body with the right types of foods at the appropriate times aid in performance.  Contains menu plans and an indepth discussion of what happens to the body and why each nutrient is needed.
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Nutrition Psychology

1) From the First Bite – Kay Sheppard, M.A.
Covers the journey from food addict to recovery.  Includes the eating stories of three individuals where binge/emotional eating dominated their lives and the twelve steps of recovery.  Includes information on types of food that can make food addiction worse.  Also includes recipes and example meal plans for recovery.  This book makes you think about why you eat.
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Triathlon Training

1) Your First Triathlon – Joe Friel
A great beginners book covering all parts of what it takes to complete your first triathlon. From a history of the sport, to training suggestions and gear recommendations, this is a must read for anyone who is thinking about completing a triathlon.  Joe’s writing style is simple, yet pleasant.
(Amazon Link)

1) The Triathlete’s Training Bible – Joe Friel – new!
If there is one resource that every triathlete should have in their library, The Triathlete’s Training Bible is it.  Joe Friel gives us a comprehensive breakdown of the sport, training advice, serious charts, planning aids, and tons of information. For instance, chapter 12, Skills, covers the skills, techniques, and posture using illustrations and detailed descriptions for all three sports; swimming, biking, and running.
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1) The Spirit of the Dancing Warrior – Jerry Lynch & ChungLiang Al Huang
Don’t let the title of this book make you think this has anything to do with ballet.  This book is a guided 52 week exercise into helping the athlete get in touch their inner self, achieving a zen-like state.  The concept is simple, performance begins inside of you, from your heart and when in tune with your muscles, one can achieve a level of performance never thought of before.  Trust me on this one, it works!
(Amazon Link)

Sport Specific

1) Cycling Anatomy – Shannon Sovndal, MD
This book most likely contains way too specific information for the common, amateur cyclist, but those who really want to excel, this is a must read.  The book discusses the sport of cycling and breaks down performance, endurance and speed to specific muscle groups and offers workouts that help develop the group.  To go one step further, the author wonderfully illustrates the muscles themselves and describes how these muscles improve performance on the bike.
(Amazon Link)

2) The Cutting Edge Runner – Matt Fitzgerald
Like Cycling Anatomy, The Cutting Edge Runner examines the science of running and covers everything from how muscles turn carbs and fat into fuel, to analyzing your stride.  This book is not for the light reader, but anyone serious about running would find the content beneficial.
(Amazon Link)

2) Total Immersion – Terry Laughlin
Not so much a book, but a technique.  Total Immersion swimming has revolutionized my swim stroke.  In fact, it helped me go from “unbalanced and coordinated” to streamlined and balanced.  This technique teaches you to move through the water with minimal effort, which is perfect for starting a triathlon!
(Total Immersion)

3 thoughts on “Book & Resource List

  1. I swear by Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness by Don Fink

    Honestly, it’s been the backbone of my training for ages. Most training books are either too technical and basic, Don just cuts to the training plans and gives you stacks of tips, hacks and tricks to maximise your training time.

    Give it a try, you’ll love it!

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