Remembering Why

As life goes on, training gets tough and the weather turns gloomy, it is important to focus on what matters.   It is important to the success of one’s goals, whether fitness they are fitness goals or business goals, to remember why you set them in the first place.

Reminding yourself of why you set your goals not only provides an amazing amount of inspiration, but provides a check for your own actions.  Are you doing things that are not helping you attain your goal?  Are your actions appropriate for the expected outcome?  If not, look at your goals and make changes to redirect yourself.

Case in point, I have allowed my day job to take over my life, which is hindering my personal goals, including my triathlon goals.  This scares me as I can see the digression in my training dashboard.   I have rechecked my goals and want to make them clear here:

  1. Finish in the top 70% at Ventura Tri in June.
  2. Finish a half marathon in 2011
  3. Going long at Carpinteria Triathlon in 2011, finishing my first Olympic course
  4. Enjoying the freedom of training and how awesome it is exercise.

No time for digression.  Time to bring back balance, priorities and my awesome goals.