Putting Ironman in Perspective

I want to be an Ironman.

Over the past three years, I transformed myself from a cubicle dwelling office potato to a sprint triathlete.  After finishing my first practice triathlon three weeks before my first real competitive event, I knew I had the multi-sport bug.  Life was never going to be the same again!  That was the goal, after all.

Looking back over my past eight sprint finishes and now, looking forward to the future, there is one place for me to end up.

Enter the Ironman.

To be an Ironman means that you have mastered the art of multi-sport endurance.  Swimming 2 miles, cycling 115, and then finishing by running a simple marathon.   This is not your typical walk in a park…  at least for many people on this planet we call Earth.

Sprint Triathlon vs 1/2 Ironman & Ironman

The triathlon chart above compares the distances of my previous sprint triathlons to distances of the Half Ironman (70.3) and Ironman (140.6).   My reaction to seeing this chart was along of the lines of, “I think the journey has really just begun.” My longest sprint was the UCSB Triathlon in March 2010 with a distance of nearly 20 miles, just a fraction of the 140 miles of a full Ironman.

My super hairy, audacious goal (shag) has been set…  see you at the Ironman finish-line in a few years.  But which one?