Keep Moving Toward Those Goals

Every workout is a step toward the ultimate goal.  My ultimate goal is to be an Ironman.  It won’t happen tomorrow and it won’t happen next year, but I will be an Ironman.

As I shake the last bit of the flu, I headed off the gym tonight for my first big workout in a week and a half.  It was awesome, it kicked my ass, and I stopped half way through the second circuit.   Even though it kicked my ass, I can feel my muscles waking up and my energy coming back.

From the decline push-ups (ouch!), to the step-ups (ugh), to the squat and rows, my body squeaked with every movement.   With every lift of the shoulders, every squat and row, I could feel my body giving its energy.   But it wasn’t a sad energy, it was energy that recognized that each movement was for a greater good.

Feeling refreshed and reminding myself of the ultimate goal, the Ironman, empowers to make a return to training, post-flu, that is smart, precise and filled with passion.

With the next big event being Xterra’s Boney Mountain trail race, that Ironman feels like a long way out.  But then, two and a half years ago I started a journey that got me to today.  Juggling work, launching a company, and maintaining a social life requires a lot of time even before I factor in maintaining nutrition plans and getting in training.

The future journey is coming and will lead to the ultimate goal.  Time to take it one step at a time and enjoy it.

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