Carpinteria Triathlon Results Posted

Hi All,

Just a quick post.  Today, I finished the Carpinteria Triathlon Sprint in 1:36:15, not exactly earth shattering, but given the crazy few weeks I’ve had, I think it is just great!

Placing 370th of 462 puts me about 20% better than the other athletes.  With a goal in 2011 of finishing in the top 50%, I have quite a bit of work to do this winter!

The results are posted on the Carpinteria Triathlon website (click “Results” on the left).   I took the liberty of plotting the Sprint course overall finish times.

2010 Carpinteria Triathlon Sprint results

The red triangle is me.  I wanted to see where I place on the graph and like it.  Note how much time is between 1st and 2nd place… a full 8 minutes!   That is impressive.

A full race report is coming soon… Cheers!