A Few Difficult Weeks, But I Am a Triathlete

After a bee sting nearly brought on my death and getting the flu the day before the Santa Barbara Triathlon, these past few weeks have been a true test of life, attitude, and my devotion for triathlons.

The Flu Won’t Stop Me!

The Friday night before the Santa Barbara Triathlon, I became ill with the flu. I was so sick Saturday morning that I was alive only in my own little world.  The only improvement could have been death (better be careful what I wish for).  So, instead of heading down to East Beach to cheer on my friends competing in the Long Course, I laid in bed in absolute misery wondering if I would ever move again.

Luckily as time moved forward and I let my body work its way through whatever was causing such horribleness, I began feeling better. In fact, late that evening I was feeling good enough that I went out for a run along the run course.  Perhaps I wasn’t going to miss this one afterall.

Feeling horrible that morning I pulled it off.  You can read about it here.  It sucked, it was great, and it was a true learning experience.

The Unexpected Bee Sting

You don’t normally expect to rear-end a bee while cycling on a residential, paved street in town.  The Sunday before Labor Day, that is exactly what happened. The Bee, instead of calling his lawyer, simply stung me right above my right knee in retaliation for invading his flight path.  Not only did it hurt like hell and my knee swelled up, but four hours later I found myself in the emergency room.  After getting a shot and recovering from near death, they sent me on my way.  Unfortunately, the body needed serious recovery time and I am just getting back into a normal training routine.

The drugs, the shock and lack of training has resulted in lost progress.  In fact, tonight’s spin class was the worst yet and my legs just couldn’t find the energy to sustain decent power for long.

There is a lot of work to do to get back, but we will get there.  I am a triathlete and I will always be a triathlete.

The Broken Heart

It breaks my heart to think that my big end of the year race was likely to be worst than last year’s performance.   As sad, disappointed, frustrated and angry that I am with the events of the past few weeks, rolling with the punches and pushing forward is what any athlete excels at.

I know what my goals are and they have not changed.  My list of “A” races have not changed.  My devotion to triathlons have not changed. Despite life throwing a few hard and fast curve balls right at my groin, nothing has changed…

After taking the past ten days off, I realize that fitness, training, and triathlons are such a huge part of who I am that I can never back down.  Broken hearts mend themselves with time.  While I won’t be performing at the level I anticipated a month ago, I will be performing and I will give it my all.  To do anything less, is simply not good enough.