2010 Santa Barbara Triathlon Results Plotted!

As an Analyst, I love data and I love understanding patterns.  So, after finishing my 7th triathlon, the Santa Barbara Triathlon sprint, recently, I decided to do some analysis.  Check out the scatter plot below: (results here)

If you participated in this event, can you find yourself in the chart?

Seems like that group placing at the end really set themselves apart from the rest of the finishers.  Regardless of their finishing place, I am sure they had fun and I congratulate them on finishing the triathlon.

Another interesting thing is how tight the top 50 finishers are. From swim to T1, through Bike, T2 and run, the difference between places is just a matter of seconds.

Also, look at the distribution of T1 vs T2 times.  T2 seems much more consistent across the participants than T1.  Perhaps changing shoes is a much more consistent event than, say, removing a wetsuit and getting dressed.   Fascinating…

One of things that I keep hearing about this year’s event was that it was slower.  I personally took four minutes longer to finish the “same” course as last year (however, I had the flu).  So, the Analyst in me wants to prove or disprove this feeling.  Was the 2010 Santa Barbara Triathlon sprint slower than 2009?  You’ll just have to check back and see.

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2 Responses to 2010 Santa Barbara Triathlon Results Plotted!

  1. Peter Schertz says:

    Hi Aric,
    I stumbled upon your scatter plot diagram for trithlon results. I was trying to do something similar for my 17 year old nephew’s results, but I couldn’t get Excel to do what I wanted…yet. Would you be wiling to share the software or the file you used to produce this chart. It’s exactly what I wanted to use to analyze his results. William has broken into the international scene and secured a 15th place finish yesterday in Santiago Chile. See results here:http://www.triathlon.org/results/results/2011_santiago_itu_triathlon_pan_american_cup/6013/ Thanks for considering my request. Peter

    • aricrmonts says:

      Hi Peter,

      Congratulations to your nephew on his finish! Looking at the results, it was a very competitive event.

      The software I used to create the SB Tri plot was Excel. However, I spent about two hours reformatting the data so that Excel could plot the results.

      The results for your nephew’s race look relatively simple, so it shouldn’t take too long to produce a similar graph. The only issue I see is the format of the duration, which is currently text. Let me a little time with it and I’ll drop you an email later today.


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