Triathlon #7: Santa Barbara Triathlon

Just under one week away on August 29th, I will embark on my seventh triathlon journey.  This journey is going to be short, fast, and sweet.

I completed the 2009 Santa Barbara Triathlon Sprint in just over an hour and four minutes.  With a full year of training, three additional triathlons and a lot more experience and new gear, I expect to better that time.  In fact, I am aiming for a sub 50 minute result.  Yep, I want to shave fourteen minutes off my time from last year.

With a team reorganization this year, a new triathlon coach, and the realization that my life obligations can and did make training difficult, completing in the Santa Barbara Triathlon is going to be pretty sweet.

The Santa Barbara Triathlon Sprint presents many unique challenges that will separate the men from the boys (or women from the girls):

  1. The distances are short. This eliminates the middle guy. Unless you are a beginner triathlete looking to get your feet wet with something simple or a die hard sprint triathlete, you probably won’t find the extremely short distances appealing for the money.
  2. Every second in transition counts! Being such a short event, an extra few seconds in transition could actually cost you a few places in the rankings.
  3. The run is flat. The two mile run is along the bike path.  While flat is usually great, it means that it is going to be fast compared to a more hilly route like the UCSB Triathlon.
  4. The bike is only 5.62 miles. Being just shy of six miles, the bike is truly a sprint.  Out and back on the same route, there are hills, inclines, sharp turns, and scenic views to keep the rider on his/her toes.

The race is compelling. The journey will be even more compelling. Crossing that finish line is going to be so sweet.

Hope to see you all there.