Post Triathlon Rituals

After you finish a triathlon, you are usually pretty exhausted, very sweaty, and maybe a little loopy.  So, you just finished a triathlon, what do you do NOW?


Usually the first things you do is hand over your chip, hug the people at the finish line there to support you, and then…

  1. Hit the bathroom?
  2. Grab some food?
  3. Run check the results?
  4. Grab your stuff and get away fast?

The bathroom trip is usually one of the first things I do.  But if you are anything like me, I am not ready to eat immediately after a triathlon.   Instead I focus on my cool down, wandering around, looking for triathletes I know to congratulate them and share stories.  During this recovery time, I consume lots of water and a protein shake.  After that, anything goes!

The Triathlon Club Tent

If you are a member of a triathlon club, check to see whether or not a tent has been setup as a meeting place.   This is a great opportunity to share stories of the triathlon with people directly involved. It is also a great time to relax and have a beer (if the club is cool and alcohol is allowed, beer will be present).  Before you know it, you will be lost in the joys of each others’ company.

The Sponsor Area

The sponsor are is always a fun place to peruse after the triathlon, which is a good time and place to reflect on any equipment you need or need to replace.   It is also a great to socialize with potential sponsors, people that can help you with future equipment, race fees, etc.   The best part of the sponsor area for me, is simply seeing all the cool stuff that is on the market to help triathletes perform their best.

The Finish Line

Instead of grabbing your stuff and running off, it might be a good idea to hang out near the finish line.  Not only does this help support other, slower triathletes, but it gives you an opportunity to watch people’s run form, get ideas for new running gear, and even check out the latest or not so latest in fashion!

The Results Board

The results board is always surrounded with zombies, but don’t let that stop you from striking up a conversation.  They are staring at all of those hard to read sheets for a reason…  share!  If no one is interested, be a zombie and stare.  I always like to look for patterns in the results.  Who beat me on the swim compared to who I beat on the bike.  It is really a fascinating thing when you realize that you were beat by a runner that couldn’t swim, but had a decent bike and killer run! Yep, the results board is a fun place if you love numbers and patterns.

Just Enjoy Being There

If all else fails, bask in the ritual of being at a triathlon and completing one.  Enjoy the experience, the people, the weather, and the venue.

What do you do after a triathlon?  Please share your rituals and thoughts.  You can also send a tweet on twitter to @AricInTraining or hash tag #posttrirituals


One thought on “Post Triathlon Rituals

  1. Great blog! I’m a very beginning tri-er, and I’m just totally hooked, having done my 3rd tri in 4 weeks. My current post tri ritual is about 10 seconds of intense nausea after crossing the finish. I’m certain that one day I’ll bend down to remove my chip and just puke explosively like a fire hose. But it always subsides…So then I start looking for people to congratulate and share stories with as you describe. Also big on my list is grabbing some fluids from the tent, showering off, and packing it up. But along the way, there’s a desire to linger and bask in the afterglow, so I take my time, connect with friends, and chat up people I’ve never met. Tri-ing’s a neat feeling, and even mundane things assume a unique air of splendor in the wake of a completed tri. Keep up the great work!
    Siempre mejor,

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