Endurance Ride, Cycling Long and Far

Even though I am only participating in sprint triathlons this year, my cycling distances have been increasing, now pushing almost 30 miles.   This is more than double the distance of the bike portion for Ventura Tri at 12 miles.

Tuesday’s ride came in at 28.8-miles in 1:51:09 at an avg. speed of 15.9.  This is my second longest bike ride ever!  But what amazes me about this ride is the route.  It wasn’t a simple out and back coastal route, but a combination of coast and foothills.  In fact, this ride combines portions of the Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course route with portions of the Caprinteria Triathlon sprint course.

Ride data set, notice the varying terrain. (click for detail)

Bottom line, riding to SR150 in Carpinteria from East Beach in Santa Barbara is a huge milestone for me.  I have always wanted to do this ride and I did it!   While I started to wonder if I bit off more than I could chew cruising down the SR150 to SR192 and climbing up the hills, in the end I pushed through it and am ecstatic that I did.

So why keep increasing distances?  Why not is a better questions perhaps.  Here are a couple reasons:

  1. With long courses coming in 2011, why wait until post 2010 season to start working toward 2011.
  2. In addition, the more endurance I can build, the faster I can go on shorter distances.  For example, I can ride at 15-mph avg for 20-miles or ride 19-mph avg for 10-miles.
  3. Building endurance in general helps my triathlon time whether I spend it on the bike, in the water, on the pavement or all three.  Training my body to go the distance at the fastest pace possible is what it is all about.

If there is one thing I really would like you to take away from this post is never stop training, train beyond your goals and enjoy every minute!