When All Else Fails, Just Run

This morning, I met my trainer at the local community college track only to find that it was closed for renovation for the next FOUR months!  Seriously?  Four months to repave the track?  Wow…  SBCC must be getting scammed!

While my already sore legs were quite happy to hear that they weren’t going to be climbing bleachers for the next hour, I was a little disappointed as I wanted to try something new. After discussing the options, we decided a quick run along the waterfront would suffice.

So, we started running.  Now, my trainer is very fit and recently finished the LA Marathon.  The guy runs fast and can run fast for a distance.  While we started out together at 9:30 pace (he was holding back), I knew I couldn’t hold it, so I backed off to a more comfortable 10:15 pace and watched him walk away from me.  I wonder how long he was talking to me before he realized I was out of ear shot range??  hehehehe…

The usual soreness, the usual windedness, and the usual aches and pains through the first mile reminded me that today was Monday.  It wasn’t until the end of the waterfront at our turn-around that I realized that he was having issues with his left leg. Seemed like a tight muscle, so after a few minutes, we headed back.

Not quite, while I managed to maintain a solid pace for much of the return leg, I did require a momentary break to let the blood, lungs, and muscles catch up to each before continuing.

In the end, I covered 3.42 miles at 10:00 pace, which for a Monday is really, really good!

Goes to show that when the normally scheduled workout falls through, there is nothing like a good run as a backup.