Triathlon Results Plotted… Finally!

The Analyst in me is very happy.  After entering the results from the 2010 UCSB Triathlon “Open” division into Excel, I finally, without further ado, present the scatter plot:

UCSB Triathlon 2010 Results

The results are available for everyone to see at  So, if you want to see exact numbers and so on, please head over there for a copy.

Otherwise, spend a little time staring at the patterns. Here is what I see:

  1. The first person out of the water didn’t even get close to placing in the top 10.
  2. Overall placement is defined more by the bike than the swim or the run.
  3. There are five groups: a. top 6, b. centered on 1:33:00, c. centered on 1:44:00, d. centered on 1:55:00, e. the rest
  4. T1 and T2 times are minuscule in comparison to other events, but when competitive, mean the difference between first and second!
  5. If you swim well, you may not do so well on the bike.  Looking at these results this way, you can quickly identify strong sports.

What else do you see?  Leave a comment if you have anything to share.

One thought on “Triathlon Results Plotted… Finally!

  1. i stumbled upon this page while working on my blog about triathlons… what can I say but the Analyst in me is very happy as well! Awesome.

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