Fuel: Triathlon Tuna Sandwich

Aric In Training Makes a Tri Tuna SandwichA first here on AricInTraining, a cooking demo.  On the eve of my first triathlon for 2010, tradition requires that I produced an inspirational video, so I decided to take this opportunity to share my Triathlon Tuna Sandwich (TTS).

TTS is very simple and healthy sandwich I came up with the night before the 2009 Ventura Triathlon.  After being inspired by a simple can of tuna and a bell pepper, the TTS came to life.  You know, it worked!

TTS has:

1) Great source of low-fat protein

2) pro-biotics from the yogurt that helps settle my nervous stomach

3) The sprouted grain bread provides a great source of low-GCI carbs for long lasting fuel

4) the bell pepper and onion add the vegetable component.

Please check out my first cooking demonstration video below:

Triathlon Tuna Sandwich

1 can tuna (your choice)

2-3 Tblspns low fat plain greek yogurt

1-2 Tblspns onion

2-3 Tblspns Bell Pepper

1/2 tspn Lemon Juice

Spices to your taste (I use garlic powder, Galena St Rub)

Salt and Pepper

2-4 slices Sprouted Grain Bread

Chop the bell pepper and onion to a consistency of your taste, mix all ingredients in a bowl.   Let sit for a few minutes to let the flavors mingle.  Serve on sprouted grain bread (toasted or not depending on equipment and taste)

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