Mind Mapping a Triathlon

I have just seven days to pull myself together and get ready for the UCSB Kendra Payne Triathlon.  Ever since I hit burnout a little more than a month ago, getting going again has been a huge struggle.  At one point, I even decided I was not going to participate this year.  Of course, this disappointed everyone, but since the disappointed everyones will be at the LA Marathon….   So….

Anyway, to help get my head around preparation for this event, I created a mind map with event details, the final week’s training, some visualization focal points, checklist and nutrition. Seeing all of these things laid out on an image, helps organize and visualize the different areas that I need to focus on this week. I still need to finish out the nutrition and checklist portion.

With seven days to go, time to get organized.

So, if you aren’t doing anything from 8:00am to 12:00pm on March 21st, please come by UCSB and cheer the triathletes and duathletes on.  Some of us would be really happy to see you all there!

With just seven days to go…  miracles can happen!

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