Don’t Forget the Journey

When I started training for triathlons more than two years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect along the way.  My journey had pain, lots of surprises, fantastic milestones, fabulous support from so many, and countless memories.  The thrill of the competition, of becoming a triathlete, a runner, a duathlete, a trail runner and a friend was worth every painful step.

Regrettable, my 2010 journey became lost. The panic of being ready for an intense 9 competition calendar made me forget what got me here today.  I realize this more than ever after watching the Vancouver Olympic Games.  It isn’t all about the game, the true story is in the journey of the athlete and the competition is just the icing on the cake.

As I look to the UCSB Triathlon, I say,

“you bastard! I wanted you so bad that I forgot the people, the memories, the joy, and the meaning of why I am decided to do this!  No more…  I want my journey back! Maybe next year dude…”

And with that, I bid the UCSB Triathlon fair well, wish its competitors the best of luck and  hope to see you all safely and joyfully cross the finish-line.

My 2010 journey is about steady progression, memories, competitions that count, and building everlasting friendships with those I meet.  The next two years can be even wilder than the first, if I do this right.

What matters in your journey?

Update: I decided to participate in the UCSB Tri and take it from another perspective.  It is a part of the journey and despite not being fully prepared for it, I need to do it!

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