The Day Back at the Gym

As promised, here is some of my ridiculously horrible stick figure illustrations for the first circuit back.  I will say, this first workout since getting since was a doozey!  In short, it kicked my a-s!

First Circuit (repeat 4 times):

1) split squats with 15 lbs
2) bosu pushup
3) planks w/ ext

triathlon workout
First Circuit back at the Gym

Second Circuit (repeat four times):

1) Side Lung w/ Single leg Press
2) Single arm stability ball bridge press
3) Stability Ball Situps

By the end of the entire, muscles hurt, I was exhausted and wondered if should have just stayed in bed.  I didn’t, I went to work and was a zombie for two days. Hence the post, Feeling Like I Am 80.

Awesome workout though!  Chris Petrosian, my trainer, certainly knows how to kick a sick guy’s a-s. 😉