Feeling Like I Am 80

This week was definitely was one of the most defining weeks for me. When you are sitting in bed, miserable, unable to breathe, every muscle aching, and sleeping odd hours, you have a lot of time to think about stuff that you’ve never thought about before.  You also tend to get more in touch with some emotions you haven’t had time for before.   Hence, my previous blog post, When Is It Time to ReThink Your Goals?

That was earlier this week.  AFter feeling more human on Thursday, I headed back to the gym for a workout with my awesome trainer.  Little did I know that he would put me through the ringer and then some.  The warm-up including the side planks with leg extension should have been the sign to head back to bed.  But I didn’t.

To make a long story short, after 2 cicruits repeated 4 times, I was aching, my body spent.  But was surprised me the most, was that 12-hours later, everything between my abs and knees were sore, times 2 and to the fifth power!   Yep, abs, butt, inner thigh, hamstrings, lower back…  OMG… sitting was an issue… walking was an issue.  I felt like I was 80!

It wasn’t the side lunge with press that did it.  It wasn’t the bosu pushups that did it.  No!  It was the rather simplistic stability ball plank with forward rotation that did me in.    As much as they hurt, I must do more so that they don’t hurt anymore.  Just like the push-up knee tucks that I hated but learned to love, I will learn to love and look to stability ball plank with rotation with joyful tears!

Tomorrow, the Roses En La Playa 5k run!

Coming soon… Aric’s crazy stick figure workout illustrations!  OMG! LOL!

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