When Is It Time To ReThink Your Goals?

There comes a time in every athlete’s training where they must stop and evaluate their goals.  Whether this is once per week, once a month, or even once per season, this is a vital part of their training.  For me, evaluating my progress toward my goal is a feedback loop that gives me inspiration and motivation to go on.

Now that I have been sitting on my a-s, in bed for two days with a nasty cold, I feel like this terrible illness has forced me to evaluate my goals for 2010.  Somewhere between the 67th sneeze this morning, and the 10th hour of aching muscles, it occured to me that my life is a little too much work and fitness and no play.  Not only have I set myself lofty competition goals (next paragraph), but I am:

  1. also the sole Analyst for a cloud computing startup
  2. trying to launch my own fitness site called TrainingMetrix.
  3. planning a move
  4. trying to keep up with those everyday things like dishes and cleaning

To make this long story, this horribly sick down time has been remarkable and it really makes me wonder when, in the past, I should have stopped and had these same thoughts.  You see, I was hoping to do the following fitness related things in 2010:

  • compete in the UCSB Triathlon, the Ventura Triathlon, Santa Barbara Long and Sprint Triathlon, Carpinteria Triathlon, and the Santa Barbara Duathlon Long
  • Complete my first marathon
  • I recently added my first kayak triathlon at the Morro Bay Triathlon.

As I get closer and closer to the UCSB Triathlon, I realize that I am not ready for it.  The half mile swim, the 16-mile bike and the 6k run is the longest triathlon I have ever done.  At the end of the season in 2009, I was cycling 12 miles, running 5k’s and swimming… well I wouldn’t call it swimming.  Needless to say, the UCSB tri participation is pushing it.

There are two main hurdles that I feel like I am up against:

1) Time.  Working full-time, building a business, cleaning the house, house-sitting, and sleeping doesn’t leave a whole heck of a lot of time for training.   IN the past, I have been pushing six hours training per week, struggling is more like it.  To properly train for the events I’ve laid out above, I need to be training upwards of 15 hours per week.  Time I don’t have.

2) Mental capacity.  Working through issues in life takes a lot out of you.  I am not the same person that started training back in 2007 and finding the new, real me is a lot harder than it seems.  Triathlons are 90% physical ability and 200% mental capacity.  Long courses are 500% mental capacity.  The point is that while I do find training to be relaxing, to focus on the long workouts I need to get some stuff worked out and out of my head before I go full tilt toward Santa Barbara Long in August 2010.

If there is one thing you take a way from this crazy post I just wrote in one sitting, with a stopped up nose, drunk on cough medicine, muscles aching and weak, is that you should regularly review your goals.  Not just your fitness goals, but your life goals. Look at all of your goals as a package.

Make a list of everything you are responsibile for and give yourself a reality check.  Your brain, feet, and everything in between will thank you!

4 thoughts on “When Is It Time To ReThink Your Goals?

  1. Dude, I hear you. I don’t know how many times I have been there. I have evaluated my goals so many times in the past that I would swear I had a mild case of schizophrenia (hopefully, mild). However, I have also decided not to compete at times and race day hurts. I can’t help thinking about “what ifs”. What if I would have stuck to my goals? What if I was crossing the finish line right now? What if I didn’t listen to the devil on my shoulder screaming at me to quit? Sometimes when I am training, I need to remind myself that I am doing this because I like it. Good luck with the training goals. Get well and get your a-s back out there.

    1. Thank you for your awesome comment! Feeling better and getting ready to rock; it’s back to the gym tomorrow!

      Great start to your blog! Looking forward to reading more and hearing about your experiences.


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