The 10 Mile Run That Didn’t Happen

I am training for the 2nd Annual Santa Barbara Marathon in November 2010, in addition to the Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course.  My training has been focusing on improving my running endurance with a Long Run once a week.

The past two weeks, I have been running 9 miles with delight!  Today was supposed to be my first run to 10 miles, reaching a new milestone in my training.  I mapped out the route, had my water, my fuel, my iPod Touch (ew! Apple), and my GPS HR thing ready to go.

However, in the back of my mind, I knew I sabotaged this run even before I got to the starting line.  You see, yesterday was a killer training day which included a class at the gym (GVAC) called Ripped, a 23.23 mile bike ride (was supposed to be 24) and a 100m swim (was supposed to 800m).  In addition to these activities, you must know:

  1. My nutrition left quite a bit to be desired (a dark chocolate cherry frap, mocha buttercream cake, etc)
  2. I was coming off a very stressful end to my work week
  3. I probably didn’t drink enough water afterward

I will admit that I was saying to myself, in utter shock, how much pain I was in on the 23 mile bike ride.  Cycling is my best sport and I love it, but clearly taking a month and half off and jumping back on, riding farther and faster than ever was not the best plan.   As much as this surprised me, I should not have been as equally surprised at my body’s reaction to the 10 mile run.

I felt it the moment that:

  1. I sat down to foam roll my calves.  They hurt… a lot!
  2. I started running… the legs were sluggish and felt more like bricks than springs
  3. I stopped at the first stoplight 0.39 miles after the start, the legs hurt
  4. I realized that I was having difficulty controlling my pace
  5. My right leg gave out and I went crashing to the ground
  6. My body was telling me that it still needed to recover.

So, to make a long story short, I made it through 3.09 miles, in agony.   As great as I felt, as much as I tried to convince my body to push on, as much I wanted to hit 10 miles today, the honest reality is that today just wasn’t the day.

Listen to what your body is telling you and act upon it.