Training Summary & Review: Week 48.09

Tracking the time you spend on each sport is a great way to focus on the sports that need improvement the most while also holding yourself accountable.  Since triathlons are really all about combining sports, tracking your triathlon training in the same way provides awesome visibility into your progress.

Without further ado, here is the most recent training summary chart by week:

Weekly Training Summary through week 48

Week 48 was last week and included the Thanksgiving holiday.  I took a trip to Texas for a family reunion.  As a result, week 48 was the lightest training week recorded to date with just over one hour and half.  This included:

A) a single strength workout (thanks Chris for squeezing it in!)

B) Three runs, totaling almost six miles (2 1.4-mi runs and one 2.8-mi endurance run)

The bad thing is the lack of swim time.  In fact, I haven’t been in the pool in two weeks. At this point, my lack of swimming ability is my biggest hurdle to a competitive triathlon time and the biggest thing preventing me from competing in a long course in 2010.  This must change going forward!

Here is some of my triathlon training strategy that I hope to work into a revised plan going forward:

A) Maintain the three run workouts each week.
B) 5 days of cardio workout
C) One off/recovery day
D) 2-3 strength workouts per week
E) Focus on swim technique and breathing ability at least twice per week

These five things look like this when you plot it out over the week:

Example workout triathlon training plan
With one day off, the other six are quite full.

To make it work, I had to double up on some days.  The long run on Sunday with a strength workout seems a bit extreme, but with Monday as an “off” day, I think it is doable.

Now that I have the basic structure of the plan down, it is time to plot it out for the entire year of 2010.  Then I have to figure out distance progression and how I want to handle periodization. Of course, first, it would help if I publish my goals so you all can see what I am planning to participate in next year.  All in due time…


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