The Welcome Home 5k

Spending the last five days in Texas, celebrating Thanksgiving with the family, I am happy to be back in California.   Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where all diets and common dietary sense goes out the window. In fact, the triathlon training comes to a halt for 48 hours as well.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I enjoyed a lot of turkey, mash potatoes, green beans, cranberries, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and ice cream.   Yep, I had many plates of luscious edible goodness. As did my brother, my aunt, my grandmother, and my uncle.

Even with all of the family love and food, I am still quite happy to be back in California.  Where else can you train for triathlons year round in 65 degree, sunny weather under the breathetaking palm trees, bright sun with the sweet smell of ocean?  Only in Santa Barbara, California you can!

The Santa Barbara waterfront near East Beach
The Santa Barbar Harbor
The Santa Barbar Harbor

It wasn’t long after I got off the plane that I threw on my running shorts, FiveFingers, and favorite hat to head down to Santa Barbara’s waterfront for a run.  Coming off a long weekend of fun, excessive food consumption and treats, my trainer recommended taking it slow and enjoying it. So, I did.  I decided to concentrate on a pace no faster than 10:00 and without regard for heart rate.

Click image for interactive data

In the end, I finished 3.11 miles at 11:24 pace and with an average heart rate of 160 bpm.  Not my fastest run, but certainly one of my most enjoyable:

1) I like how smooth the heart rate line is, very consistent but building endurance.
2) The only stops were for stoplights or picture taking.
3) Pace was more sporadic as I caught myself running too fast, then slowing down.  Consistent pace requires concentration and I was enjoying the scenery a bit too much.
4) Using the spring type form of running with my FiveFingers barefoot running shoes was exhilarating as I could feel the power of each stride!

As a kick-off to my holiday triathlon training schedule, I am excited.  This 5k run was smooth, leisurely and enjoyable.

What run is your favorite to date?  Where was it and what did you enjoy most about it?