Exercise Deprivation and Turkey

I am in Kerrville, Texas visiting family for the long Thanksgiving day weekend.   I will say though that we had a fabulous meal with turkey, sweet potatoes, mash potatoes, green beans, and pecan pie (this is Texas!).

The 2009 Monts Family Thanksgiving Table

I will say that I did eat a lot, especially the turkey that came out so perfect.  It had a beautiful golden color and the meat was juicy, tender and flavorful.  The only better was the pecan pie that I ate.  I knew the diet was going to be tough to maintain on this day, but I didn’t eat much leading up to the meal, I didn’t go back for seconds and I only had one piece of pie.  (tonight I will skip the pie altogether, much to the horror of the family)

I love my family, but they are not exactly the most outdoorsy types or most active.  The three people I am visiting are actually quite overweight, which makes it hard for me to get my exercise in.  I really want to spend time with them, but at the same time I need to maintain my active, fit lifestyle.  Triathlon training does not stop for me, I must maintain my base as I head into the 2010 triathlon season.

After two days of travel, cooking, and eating, I really felt the lack of exercise.  I get a little foggy headed, a little low on energy and a little grouchy.  This continues to build until I finally push myself to go out for a run, bike, or swim.

So, finally I got out this morning for a trip around the loop, which is the circular lane that my aunt lives on in Kerrville, Texas.  It is 1.4 miles in length, has a number of shallow, but long hills and provides for a very satisfying workout.   I also did a second run this afternoon, here are some stats (this is a training blog afterall!):

Morning: 10:36 pace ~ 14:52 ~ HR: 160/170

Afternoon: 9:54 pace ~ 13:36 ~ HR: 161/171

Not exactly the fastest or longest runs ever, but they did get my blood flowing and providing a great way to keep up the training while detoxing from all of that pecan pie and goodies I ate yesterday.

Even though family and holidays usually lead to exercise deprivation for me, the company and the fabulous turkey was worth it!


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