Video: The Payoff for Cycling to the Top of the Hill

I really don’t like cycling up hills. This is the weakest part of my cycling ability.  To improve this, I have been building up to cycling to the top of Gibraltar Road in Santa Barbara.  While I didn’t get to the top today, I did get far enough to appreciate the reward for riding up, up and up.  The view that one has high in the foothills of Santa Barbara is simply amazing.

While I was up there today, I shot two videos using my Flip Mino camcorder.  The first is at a point partially the way up Gibraltar Road from El Cielito Rd.  The second is along Mountain Drive, just east of El Cielito Rd.  The two are quite similar, but you can see the advantage of going up.

Thank you watching.  I hope this inspires you to go up that hill rather than avoid it.  The view is worth it!