Halloween, Candy, and Depression

I think we all look forward to Halloween because it is not only a great time to dress up and have fun with friends, but the perfect opportunity to let the diet slip a little and have some candy.

I know, you do it too… I can’t be the only one sneaking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on Halloween.

Well, there is a great article on the BBC News that links processed foods to depression.  The article, Depression link to Processed Foods, discusses research conducted by a team at the University College London.

Of the two groups they studied, the group that ate more whole foods like vegetables, fish, and fruit were less 26% less likely to become depressed later on.  The group eating highly processed desserts, grains and dairy products were more likely to become depressed.

These results are not surprising and I agree 100%.  When I was an office potato, refined foods were my life, consuming mochas, soft drinks, fast food, sweets, and just about everything made with flour.   Shortly before I made the change to triathlete, I am sure I was a depressed person.

Now, my diet consists of fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits.  I even eat as little red meat as possible.  I feel great and the added exercise and energy levels are a benefit too.

Since this past weekend was Halloween, I have to wonder how many people feel depressed in the weeks after.   We consume 23.8 pounds of candy annually (ref), and I will make the assumption that most of it is during the quarter of the year.

I only ate three snack size pieces; one Crunch, one Reese’s Pieces and one Milky Way.  I think that is all I need for the rest of the year.

How much candy did you eat?  Do you feel depressed, yet?