The Power of Rest

Could you imagine that you are making yourself more powerful by not doing anything?  It seems strange, but it is so true.

As we continue to train and stress our bodies, we damage muscle and deplete our energy stores.  Keep up a vigorous training routine for too long and you risk damaging the very muscles that make you perform.

This is why you must take it slow and rest.  Feeling fatigued when you get up in the morning, excessive sore muscles, and even dizziness can be indicators that you need to let your body recover.

Taking an “off” day allows your body to rebuild the damaged muscle tissue and replenish your energy stores.  Here are some additional tips to help your body recover:

1) Taking some additional amino acids, which will help rebuild muscle tissue.

2) Drink lots of fluid. Dehydration can stall the recovery process.

3) If possible, taking frequent naps and getting at least 8.5 hours of sleep each night would be ideal.

4) Eat right.  No fast food during the off day, so eat plenty of high quality, organic vegetables and proteins.

After a day or two of good rest, you feel so much power from your body.  Oh yes, the power of rest.