Sweetness Without the Sweet

One of the biggest changes I’ve made along the road from office potato to triathlete is cutting out sweets and other junk food from my diet.  Once I did, I instantly started dropping off weight, started feeling many times better, and had energy I never thought possible.

As I reflect on this change, I realized that the sweetness I was indulging myself in as an office potato was a false sweetness.  Candy bars and shakes, for instance, are artificially sweetened with sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  This sweetness was so overpowering, you could taste little else.

Now, I appreciate the more subtle sweetness of food. YES, foods without sugar have a sweetness all their own.

Ever tasted the sweetness of plain oatmeal?

How about the subtle sweetness of sprouted grains?

Or even the wonderfully tart sweetness of plain, unsweetened yogurt?

All of these have an amazingly subtle sweet flavor to them that artificially sweetened products can’t come close to.  It is almost as if I am tasting the very life that gives me energy.   If you consume sugar products, begin detox immediately and start to appreciate the sweetness of life.

2 thoughts on “Sweetness Without the Sweet

  1. Try just a plain sweet potato or yam. The sugary taste is awesome and its an all natural carb. I stick one in the microwave for 8 minutes and I have a natural candy bar thats reasonable in calories, tops in energy and satisfies the milky way cravings.

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