Pre-Race Jitters are Here!

The Carpinteria Triathlon is just under a week away and the pre-race jitters have begun.   Up until the moment the horn blows next Sunday, I will be playing games in my head of whether or not I am ready, how much more training I should have done or what I should have done differently.

* The nervousness will grow until the butterflies are flapping at alarming rates in my stomach.

* I will check my pre-race checklist many times to make sure I haven’t forgetten anything.

* I will look at the course maps, time and time again, making sure I am familiar with where I am going.

* The stress levels in my body will keep growing until the car is packed and there is nothing more to do besides wait for the horn.

But, there are ways to fight pre-race jitters.

^ Visualizing the course helps, as does having the checklist.

^ Looking over your training dairy certainly helps particularly by noting some awesome workouts recently.

^ Eating and sleeping well the week prior to the event will keep pre-race jitters to a minimum.

^ Reminding yourself of your event goal helps, as does talking to your transition area neighbors the morning of.

^ Not to mention arriving when the transition area opens, so you pick the best spot and setup at a leisurely pace.

Pre-race jitters are just part of the game and not letting them get you down is a huge step toward the finish line.

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1 Response to Pre-Race Jitters are Here!

  1. blissbait says:

    wishing you great speed
    solid flight of joy and calm
    cool undertaking

    Have a Blast and Good Luck!

    May All Beings Be Happy.

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