Short-Term Goal: Improving Run Endurance

Whenever you train for some type of fitness event, one usually sets a short-term fitness goal or two to help focus their training.  While 2009 was all about finishing the triathlon, my 2010 triathlon training is about finishing a long-course while improving my sprint course time.

One of my short-term goals is to be able to run 2-miles straight at 10:00 minute pace without stopping.  While my usual mile time is around 09:30, I can’t run much further than 1.4 miles without stopping for a breather. Improving my endurance is my focus with this goal.

Using the training methodology of adding a small amount of distance to each workout, you can build up endurance.  Enter the chart below:

Actual and Projected Distance and Pace

Actual and Projected Distance and Pace

Over the recent past, my straight run distances are a little sporadic.  I started around 1-mile and then jumped to 1.4-miles, coming down to 1-mile for a brick series I recently did. Pace has been around 10:00, give or take a few seconds.

The dashed lines are planned run and pace times.  I start at 1.4-miles and increase 0.05 miles per workout until I hit the two mile mark in mid-November (assuming two workouts per week).  Pace would remain the same but with slight improvement, down 10 seconds to 9:50.  This will be my new base for endurance running, 2-mile runs at 9:50 pace.

After I meet this goal, I will focus on building speed across the two miles, perhaps improving to 9:20 pace over the same 2-mile distance.

These improvements may not seem very big, but the past two years of office potato to triathlete has been about baby steps.  I would rather take a more leisurely route to my goal than end up injured and not be able to complete triathlons at all.

I will keep you all posted as my triathlon training develops and my running endurance improves.

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