Carpinteria Triathlon Bike Course

The Carpinteria Triathlon is just over a week away at the time of this writing.

I am feeling a little behind on my training due to an incredibly busy week.  So, this weekend and early next week I will get some training sessions in and make sure I can go the distance. Participating in the CarpTri was one of those “why not?” decisions, so it wasn’t on my list of triathlons I created earlier this year.

I wanted to share with you all the bike course route.  I think this is the most challenging bike course I have seen yet in a sprint triathlon.  Both Ventura and Santa Barbara were quite flat.  Not so in Carpinteria:

Up, Up, UP, nice coast to the finish.

Up, Up, UP, nice coast to the finish. (click to see interactive route @ Training Peaks)

As you can see, from the transition area, all the way out to mile 3.5, is climbing!  Then the rider gets a short break, and then its back up.  However, if you can manage it, the latter half of the ride is all downhill, which will be nice and fast coming back into the city of Carpinteria.   That initial climb, makes me a little nervous, but I am looking forward to the challenge!!

What was the most challenging course that ever experienced?

Update – 9/19 15:00 PST
After driving the course, I am not as nervous as when I graphed it.  There are some long, drawn out inclines and the worst is the turn from the 150 to the 192.  I think this course will be challenging and am looking forward to what ever happens.

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