Those Tough Workouts

Not all workouts can be a walk in the park.  Afterall, without pushing your limits, progress is slow and you could even digress!   The past two workouts that my awesome trainer has compiled for me have been tough, really tough!  So tough that I nearly died at the end of last week’s workout!  (read more here)

I firmly believe that no matter how much it hurts, you have to push through it until you have given all you can give.  Take today for instance, the incline shoulder press that we did (40lbs @ 15 reps) hurt a lot on the last circuit but I pushed those weights up until they wouldn’t go any farther (about 10 reps).  I am looking forward to the sequel and getting in all 15.

Two Exercises we did today.

Two exercises we did today.

The image above was hand-drawn on my computer using the touchpad…  which is like torture and inefficient.  Sorry for the quirky quality.

My trainer also explained the dynamics behind the squat jump.  Like my swim, I jump using my quads and I don’t throw my hips forward just after take-off, so I am not using momentum efficiently.   Watching and listening to him explain and demonstrate the proper form was fascinating.  After trying it myself, I felt the power in the proper form and gained about an inch or so on each jump!  Great stuff!

A quick word on recovery.  When you finish a tough workout, your number one priority is to properly stretch and then consume a high quality protein shake.  I also take, in addition, a capsule of branch chain amino acids, which are vital to repair muscles.   Also, some high gci carbs will help replenish you glycogen levels and give more energy.  Remember, stretch, protein, carbs!


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