It is Monday, But It Ended Well!

Mondays are always a little tough for me.  Whether it is the intense training over the weekend or the appallingly long to-do list at work in that uninspiring cubicle, Mondays just don’t inspire me.

Started the morning off with a great breakfast (not!) of Trader Joe’s granola parfait, Chocolate Builders bar and a cup of coffee.   Once dressed, the commute to the office was hairy as I kept dozing off on the straight-aways.  Yep, take it from, DO NOT SLEEP and drive or else you might end up at the beach.

Inspiration for you.  I ended up at work, not the beach.
Inspiration for you. I ended up at work, not the beach.

Once at work, that crazy to-do list and not so collaboratively designed cubicle got the cortisol levels up.  However, I couldn’t let it all get to me, so I made my to-do list and fought the monotony back with a little Ray Brown Trio to wake up the brain.  Aw… the sound of a string bass pounding in my ears while drinking a cup of Pike Place from Sbux.

However, it didn’t take long for the insanity to come back.  Six things cannot be done at the same time, so who ever yells at me louder, gets their data.  Oh, you have to love life at the office.  It still amazes me how people can sit for hours staring at a screen.

Finally the day wrapped up and what didn’t get done, goes on tomorrow’s growing list.  Whoever said that to-do lists get shorter certainly doesn’t work for my company!

After work, it was time to get the muscles going!  A trip to the gym where I joined a friend of mine for a quick workout.  We did:

stability ball presses (ew, abs!)

seated rows (arc that back!)

situps (feel the abs burn)

anti-rotation chops (arms can burn too)

planks (a classic, solitude of shaking)

among other great exercises.  Primarily working arms and abs this time, I think we both will feel it in the morning. Burned about 800 calories so now I can enjoy that homemade apple strudel for dessert! (kidding!)

Working out with someone is a lot of fun and takes your mind off the pain and suffering you are putting your body through.  It is also a great time to network and gossip about everyone you know in common.

While life at the office seems so 20th century, life at gym seems so homo-sapien.  As homo-sapien as it seems, getting the body moving, talking to friends, and sharing ideas is what it is all about.

While Monday started as Mondays do, this one ended well!

How was your Monday?