One of Those Days to Remember

Today was a rather surprising day.  I certainly didn’t wake up this morning expecting to be authoring this post.

It started late last night with a serious case of inability to sleep and ended with me embarrassing myself twice with the same person.

Embarrassment Numero Uno

Last night, I had some troubles sleeping and didn’t get to sleep until 3:30am.  At 7:30am, the cat declared breakfast time and insisted that I feed it, but I pushed it aside and tried to go back to sleep.  Ultimately I got up at about 10am after fighting off the cat between naps; then fed the animals, made my coffee and started working through email.  Then I noticed my trainer had texted moving our workout up one hour.  Fine.  The response was “thanks bud.” While my trainer uses “bud” quite frequently, for some reason today’s use struck a nerve and I replied back asking him to please not call me “bud,” it comes across as uncaring.

This prompted me to write a blog post about the use of “bud” called, A Post for “Bud”.   The use of “bud” in my mind has negative connotations stemming for a not so great supervisor that used it alot.  Seeing my trainer use it, seemed so below his greatness.  My trainer’s reaction was understandable and I quickly realized that sometimes the best way to help someone is to not help at all…  perhaps “bud” is what makes him so successful.  This was embarrassment number one for today.

On With Embarrassment Numero Dos

Embarrassment number two came about 45 minutes into the workout, near the very end. The workout contained three circuits, during which I was sweating like a pig, far more than normal.  In the third circuit, we did two sets of one legged “shuffles” and double court sprints and I was getting ready for the third set when my body said, “no way!”  No sooner did I lean against the wall than my head felt like it was on a spinning top.  It actually started to freak me out. I get occasional vertigo attacks due to a complication with my right ear, but this was far worse.  My trainer kindly brought me a sports drink, which helped.  After what felt like about a minute, I started to feel normal again, although a little strange.

You see, I never got around to having breakfast and only ate half a salad for lunch prior to working out.  Dinner the night before was also light.  The intensity of my workout couldn’t be sustained by my body due to lack of sleep and inadequate nutrition; my glycogen stores were empty and chemicals were out of balance.  For someone like myself to have come so far and then let my guard down, is very embarrassing. This was the end of the workout and embarrassment number two went into the history books.

Square One

While today was nothing to bragg about and I wish I could have done things differently.  I view these embarrassments as growth opportunities; hurdles on the long journey toward triathlon long course and life purpose.  Perhaps I became too content with my myself today and dropped the ball.

After having lunch at Zizzo’s Coffee (a fabulous breakfast burrito), I gathered my pride and strength and headed out for my bike ride.  While I only managed 10 miles before needing to stop again, it drove home how important it is to me that I continue training for triathlons and beyond.


Time to return to square one and start over.  Nutrition, respect, training plans, goals, life purpose and opportunities all need to be shaken up and taken back to square one.  Square one is a fabulous place to be, as Seth Godin points out in this blog post, Square One Is Underrated. I am definitely feeling a little lost at the moment and flabbergasted, but returning to square one will help. I will be back and I will be back with new perspective, new goals and new inspiration that will knock everyone out of their shoes.

More to come…