In the Beginning…

In The Beginning…

…a flight of stairs would cause me to be winded and my muscles to cramp.
now a flight of stairs is a walk in the park.

…I could not walk a quarter mile without sweating
now a brisk one mile walk just starts to bring out the sweat.

…I weighed 257pounds and had 29% body fat
now weigh 200pounds with 18% body fat.

…I wore a size 44 pant and a 2xl shirt
now I wear a size 36 pant and a medium shirt

…the pain outweighed the gain
now the pain is a welcome part of the journey to the gain.

…I was afraid to take my shirt off
now I am proud of my body and want to show off my muscles.

…I could not think.
now the mental clarity is astonishing and I have to slow myself down.

…I ate Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr fast food on a regular basis (daily!)
now I cook at home and have not had fast food in six months.

…exercise was a burden
now exercise is a welcome part of my daily routine that I look forward to.

…my emotions dictated my eating habits
my body’s fueling needs dictate my eating habits.

…I could not swim
now I can swim a fast side stroke, and am working on freestyle crawl

…I detested fit people around me, they were always too cheery
now I understand why they are too cheery and welcome their opinions.

…I went shopping when I needed food
I go shopping when the cat needs food.

…finishing my first triathlon seemed like a daunting undertaking
now I finished my first triathlon, Ventura Triathlon, in 1hr 38min.

Accomplishing these things is one of the best things I have ever done… especially crossing the finish line in Ventura!

What someone can accomplish when they see the light is infinite.  I my case, the pain began to be too much.  In November of 2007, I made a decision to grow from couch potato to triathlete.  20+ months later, the journey is really only beginning while the progress is extraordinary.

PS, I will update the above list as I see fit.).

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