Moving Forward, Even When Plans Are Not

Today was an interesting day in the respect that I scheduled a lunch time yoga class and an evening ocean swim with a co-worker. Both fell through in the same five minute period. While I was greatly disappointed, it is still up to me to carry my training forward. Instead, I went to the gym pool to work on my crawl stroke, the first time since the Ventura Triathlon.

Once home, I did a number of jump rope workouts that help with my running posture. In the end, I got the training in, just not quite how expected it to go and it makes me stronger for the next triathlon. This brings up an important point about working out and motivation. While making plans with others and sharing workouts is great, you need to realize why you are working out and roll with the change in plans. Triathletes are very psychologically intense and adaptable, so being able to run with the punches is simply part of being a triathlete.